Rental Office

Rental office is in the form of bare shell spaces, with no furnished floor, wall, and ceiling yet. This gives the opportunity for customers to design and furnish their ideal office spaces themselves, making each office unique with their own personal concept. We offer wide variety of sizes for the bare shell spaces.

We also provide air conditioner units and feeder cables for those who rent in the rental office. For the air conditioner, there will be no overtime charges, as the kWh meter is separated. We don't set any limitation on the daily electricity usage, customers' electricity bill will be given at the end of the month according to their usage amount.

Compatible office spaces for any type of business

Whether your business is a large, small, or start-up company, we can provide the ideal place for you. Our building is located exclusively at downtown Medan, with a wide selection of office spaces. We provide rental offices and finished offices for customers to choose.

You can rest assure that our offices are available with flexible leasing terms, a simple and transparent rental contracts using quarterly payment. Not to mention that our building is completely unbranded, companies would never have to worry about Forum Nine overwrites their company brand. Whatever your demand is on your perfect kind of office, Forum Nine will offer the best solution for your needs.